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About Crazy Blogger

I am a Blogger, by Passion.
And A Mechanical Engineer by Profession.

Madhar Maideen Crazy Blogger
I love to Explore almost everything that makes me 'Go Crazy'.
And sometimes I feel better when I share those things with others.
So, I always explore things and share it with my lovable ones.

Why Can't I make it as my Profession?

This is my all time Question in my life, but many hurdles came around and I can't find a right solution for it.

When Days passed, I have been grown Physically as well as Mentally.
My mind started searching a solution for the question, which gonna change my whole life.
And at the end of the debate between my heart & mind,
here comes a solution, with a Question again!

If you make this as a Profession? 

Who will pay for it?

What others will think about you?

How much you gonna be paid?

What is going to be your future with this?

And Blah, Blah, Blah?

But, I never want to end up with the negative solutions.
So, I'm ready to face anything, almost everything!
And my Ultimate goal is to be a winner, 
"both in My Profession as well as My Passion"

That's the reason why I Started Blogging. 

Join us, and let we explore things together.

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