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Homemade Chicken Broth Recipe:

Homemade Chicken Broth Recipe
          Chicken Broth Recipe is one of the easiest and nutritious, rich and Savory Liquid. Mostly Chicken broth can be eaten Alone, but it is used to cook dishes like soups, gravies and also for sauces.

Why Homemade Chicken Broth:

          Well, Nowadays we always prefer for readymade products and it includes our food products too. We can enjoy the taste of the readymade food products, but it doesn't give us the exact nutritious value of the same food cooked in the home (homemade recipe).
          That is the reason I love Homemade recipe than a readymade food. And in this easy homemade chicken broth recipe, you will enjoy the delicious taste of the broth as well as you can use the chicken for other dishes too.

Homemade Chicken Broth Recipe: 


  1.  A whole Chicken (with neck and skin)
  2.  Carrots - 2 No. (peeled and Cut into two-inch pieces)
  3.  Celery - 1 Stalk. (cut into pieces)
  4.  Yellow Onion - 1 No. (cut into four quarters)
  5.  Fresh Parsley - 5 Sprigs.
  6.  Garlic - 1 Glove.
  7.  Dried thyme - 1/2 teaspoon.
  8.  Bay Leaf - 1/2 leaf.

How to Cook Chicken Broth Recipe [directions]:

  • Combine all the Ingredients and add it to a cooking pan.
  • Add enough water to cover the chicken and boil it over a high flame(heat).
  • Once the Chicken broth is started boiling, Skim the foam from the surface, Continue boiling for an hour by reducing the flame to Simmer. Skim the foam again after it's done cooking.
  • Now transfer the Chicken from the pan to a large bowl, separate the skin and the bone from the flesh. (Use the flesh for other recipes)
  • Add the Skin and the Bone again to the Broth and Simmer it for around 3 hours.
  • Yes, It's Done. Strain the Broth, discard the Solids from the chicken broth.
  • Yummy Chicken Broth is ready, 
Note: Use the broth within two to three days or freeze it for up to three months and use. Skim the fat from the surface before use.

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